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student organization making one hundred buttons for an event
supplies to make 10 buttons, including metal pinbacks, metal front shells, and clear mylar rounds
2.25" round punch cutter and button press from American Button Machines on a counterop

Marston Makerspace has a 2.25″ round punch cutter and 2.25″ button press that are always free to use during Open Lab hours.

We are unable to provide free button supplies due to high demand and cost of materials. However, we sell 2.25″ round pinback button sets in packs of 10. Sets include sturdy metal pinbacks, metal front shells, and clear mylar rounds to create your own buttons.

Alternatively, you can order 2.25″ button supplies directly from American Button Machines. ABM also offers supplies for 2.25″ key rings, magnets, ornaments, etc. that are compatible with our press. Please do NOT purchase generic button supplies from Amazon, as they have always been incompatible with our American Button Machines press.

If you need 100+ buttons, it may be more economical to order from a company like Sticker Mule. They offer full-color custom 2.25″ round buttons at reasonable rates: 100 for $56, 200 for $86, 300 for $113, etc. They also offer round buttons in other sizes.

You are responsible for providing the graphics/artwork for your buttons. Check out this handy 2.25″ Button Layout Sheet from American Button Machines. Don’t use scissors to cut out the circles by hand! Save time with our 2.25″ round punch cutter.

We occasionally hold DIY button activities. Follow @ufmarston on Instagram for announcements!

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Includes metal pinbacks, metal front shells, and clear mylar rounds.