What DON’T we have?

Paint or clay

Because we don’t have a sink! If you’re looking for bottles of acrylic paint or studio pottery, check out the Arts & Crafts Center in the Reitz Union.

A spray booth

But you can spray paint outside. Ask us for some old cardboard to put underneath your project first.

Resin 3D printing

It’s toxic and messy and requires advanced ventilation. UF student Jaden Nosse offers high-quality resin 3D printing at reasonable prices; check out The Resin Prince on Instagram or email him for a free quote. There’s also the UF DCP Fab Lab.

A woodshop

We have a Dremel rotary tool, a drill, and an oscillating tool, but that’s as powerful as it gets. If you need a drill press, band saw, sanders, etc., we encourage you to visit Gainesville Hackerspace during their weekly open house on Tuesday evenings, starting at 7 PM. Non-members are welcome during open house, with plenty of helpful folks ready to assist.

Extensive jewelry-making stuff

We have assorted pliers that might meet your needs, but jewelry crafters will have a better time at the well-equipped Arts & Crafts Center in the Reitz Union.

Odorous supplies

No spray paint, acetone, rubber cement, epoxy, polyester resin, Bondo filler, etc. We’re a small busy space and nobody wants a headache. We might be able to set you up a table outside – talk to us!