Our Equipment, Tools & Supplies

The following items are available on a walk-in basis during Open Lab:

  • Scissors, rulers, paper cutters, hole punchers, tapes, glues, hot glue guns, pencil sharpener, watercolor markers, sharpies, colored pencils, gel pens, rubber bands, zip ties, twine, construction paper
  • Dremel rotary tool, power drill, drill bits, oscillating tool, heat gun, sandpaper, screwdrivers, hammers, mallets, pliers, wrenches, hacksaw, tape measures, levels, utility knives, precision knives, wire cutters, clamps, vises, hex keys, file set, deburring tool
  • Soldering stations, fume extractor, digital calipers, multimeter, oscilloscope, bench power supply, precision screwdrivers, assorted electronics components
  • PPE: first aid kits, cut-resistant gloves, disposable nitrile gloves, dust masks, safety glasses & goggles
  • Janome HD-1000 and Sparrow 15 sewing machines, Brother SE400 and SE2000 computerized sewing & embroidery machines, Juki MO654DE serger
  • Sewing notions and supplies: thread, straight pins, safety pins, quilt clips, seam rippers, seam gauges, measuring tapes, tailors chalk, scrap fabric, zippers, buttons, iron-on repair patches, fusible bonding tape, hand-sewing needles
  • Cutting mats, cutting rulers, t-shirt ruler, rotary cutters
  • Standard and mini irons, ironing boards and mats, handheld steamer
  • Silhouette Cameo 3 and 5 cutting machines with sticky cutting mats, weeding tools, light board, transfer tape, and limited materials (adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, static cling vinyl, cardstock, etc.)
  • Multiple heat presses for t-shirts, bags, mousepads, laptop sleeves, mugs, and tumblers
  • Sawgrass sublimation printer
  • 1.25-inch and 2.25-inch round punch cutters and button presses (more info)
  • Reuse materials such as cardboard, foam, packing materials, and empty 3D filament spools
  • Sphero BOLT coding robot balls
  • Leatherworking kit, woodburning kit, LEGO, Perler beads, embroidery floss, hair dryer, wig stands, and more!

Please coordinate with us in advance if you would like to use our:

  • OMTech desktop diode laser cutter/engraver
  • Tormach xsTech CNC router
  • Crafts-only toaster oven
  • Filament dryer